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Short Story: Corvus Sanctus (1)


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he comes to an halt

the street is busy

merchants are rushing past him, peddling trade goods on the other side of the street


in front of him is a big, wooden board with chits of all colors and shapes


he can spot wanted posters, guild recruitments, public announcements and many other

pieces of bumph nailed and pinned down

as the man surveys the board a piece in the upper right catches his attention, its surrounded by similar handouts, clean without crinkles

the lines are set in a curved, captivating calligraphy

his hand reaches out, pulling the sheet off the board and the paper rips in the middle

the man frowns and starts to read the wide letters of the headline: “Corvu...”

suddenly something grabs him by the shoulder, his head turns around, slowly

“hello friend!”, a brown haired, bearded man smiles at him

“i recognize you are interested in the...crow?”, he invites the other one with a wide, elaborating gesture

the handout slips through his fingers and falls to the ground as he follows the smirking man down the street

float of the street goes on, leaving the previously spotless paper torn apart and dirty on the ground



a young boy shoves himself through the hustle and bustle, the resounding voice of an hammer echoes over the masses as he pins down a new note...



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