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Title III raise 2nd stretch goal achieved - Official discussion thread

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So question. How are they linking our Microinvestment account and our crowfall account to be certain we get the rewards? Is it done via Email address registered or?


If you used the same email for both Micro and Crowfall they will automatically apply the packages to your crowfall account.  If you used different emails you will need to contact support and they can manually fix that for you.

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Crowfall Team, Thanks for the email on the rewards :)


Now I just need to see if I can get Monomux active on the test environment for his 21st Birthday today :) Hopefully have his 2fa done and a copy of the game gifted to him today. I shot an email to support asking what to do to transfer test access with the core game and test access (since it doesn't look like test access is giftable.)


Other gamers feel free to search him and wish him a happy birthday - I kinda love embarrassing my friends

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