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And also there was some comments asking what happened to theDregs. It didn't die out because it didn't have a purpose. All around activity in the Crowfall community came to a screeching halt around that time period from Hungerdome 1.0 until the next one.


TD content and activity was centered around: smack talk, the wiki, video content, and dev007 leaks. Dev007 no longer was interested in the game and left. Smack talk was usually done live via Slack. Video content was vaguely any due to the Hungerdome going offline. Game progress and info dumps from the devs were near non-existent and the wiki, once way better than any wiki at the time, just didn't get updated due to lack of interest.


Several communities died around the same time (slack, AngryCrows, theDregs, and crowfall forums had about 20 posts a day).

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Yes, and people will mention u are not polite and rude when u are telling the truth that ACE lack a coder to get a stable game client out faster, and Gordon mention in an email it might take 2 months. Personally, I can wait, because I`ll have other games which is more interesting at the moment so I can wait 2 months. And it`s important so windows 10 actually knows; `ah that`s the CF files and can identify the software on the control panel on your pc.

I`ve not been able to test crowfall after I installed windows 10 ultimate last spring in 2016 so I`ve been grumpy no doubts, because it`s early access and pre-alpha, and issues like this is not unusual, but for me it`s frustrating since I`m very pvp focused person, and I enjoy the competition in PvP with games like CF, but when I join later this year I will have a huge disadvantage for me due to lack of training with archetypes in this test stage. 


Yeah, I kind of miss thedregs, and Crowfall podcast with Valor even many were against it at the time, and saw it as a poltical thing in the past, but fact was most of the conversation was about the game and the development even Gordon joined the discussion once in a while.

It was about the community, and some drama was hard to avoid for sure, but what do u expect with people who have played a political wargame the last 20 years with UO, SB & Darkfall. :)

Edited by mythx


Crowfall Game Client: https://www.crowfall.com/en/client/

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