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crafting bug


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Welcome to the forums.


There are different tree types in the test right now. Usually you should be equipped with a basic axe that enables you to harvest the ultra-common fir trees which provides you with knotwood. Even if you somehow lost this axe, you should be able to harvest the basic trees. There are some trees though, like ash and yew trees, you won't be able to harvest with your basic axe, just because it is just to weak to hit them (you'll need an advanced harvesting tool, to be found in the runemaking section of the crafting window).


If your body is hungry (see the chicken legs on the upper left) you will restore stamina slower and you might not be able to harvest a tree at once.. So always try to have at least 7 of 10 chickens to restore stamina and health properly.


You may use a harvesting potion (alchemy) once you are able to harvest ores, to get more resources out of your harvesting attempts (use the plentiful harvest potion first and then the critical harvest potions).


Like Rhast mentioned, there is a current bug that prevents half-harvested nodes to be harvested. So if you see a tree stump, forget about it. Go for the full grown trees.


If you nevertheless can't harvest any small fir tree with your basic axe, you should mention this in the dedicated bug thread for this test as detailed as you can. If you can't post in this threads, please contact support@artcraftent.com. There is a small bug that sometimes prevents new backers from getting writing access there and ACE is working on it. 


Hope you have more luck next time and have fun with the testing.

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