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triple fessor vs double fessor duelist lego (4v3)


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Fessor Fessor Fessor vs Fessor Fessor Legionnaire Duelist



6 minute battle that takes place over a pretty large space.  The end result is pretty vague.  One nice take away is that good play really extends the TTK running a triple fessor with no heals and no campfires.


The graveyard run back kind of sucks (on both sides) but really it's the nature of the game right now.





edit: lol @wors breathing.

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Was a fun fight.  You guys banged me up at one point where I had to withdraw, but you actually killed the other fessor.  But you guys played it great from your side -- run, kite, wait for someone to get separated and then turn and burn (which is exactly how you got the other fessor).  You three were all working really well together too, in terms of communication.  One of the joys of the many joys of small group play.  


I actually have this same clip saved but didn't upload it because I was literally cursing into my microphone because I kept getting the 180 degree hitch.  The fights were super fun on Friday night with you guys, but the performance was so bad for me I had to stop playing on East.  


Good job!

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Fights like these are the exact reason i hope they KEEP the Confessors hop. Without it small group play would be pretty much impossible against large zergs.


Yeah, they need a class that has the ability to get away.  Without it, whenever you engage you're boned if you're outnumbered/geared which eventually leads to super zergs.  There needs to be a class that can disengage.  Hit and run needs to be a viable tactic.  The only thing that worries me is that fessor is the top DPSer, a great CCer, and a great mover...  In Shadowbane, I remember playing a scout.  I never had to fight a fight I didn't want, but at the same time, my DPS was garbage.  So you had to be really good at ambushing/finding targets of opportunity.  There needs to be a tradeoff for that type of mobility.

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