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Just purchased. How do I download and play?

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Welcome to Crowfall.


This link below will verify your access and allow you to download the client.




As I recall, if you paid for beta access, you're not able to play yet. The $70 package gets you into the game in it's current state.


Once installed and patched, you will connect to a lobby.


Be advised, the game servers are not always up but you can usually always access the lobby to manage skills.


Read the forums for guides/tutorials, but the basic-basics are as follows:


Connect to Sanctuary (PVE)

Craft BASIC tools & BASIC weapons & BASIC armor using the resources you find there.

Put them in the spirit bank. (You can take them back out on a different server)

Then go to the other (PVP) realms in search of higher quality materials to make better equipment with.


If you are killed in a PVP realm, players have 20 seconds to loot anything/everything in your inventory (But not what you have equipped)


The spirit bank is safe from looting. 


Enjoy and I look forward to seeing you in the fields!

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Thank you so much sir. 


Today i purchased the 70€ bundle. I noticed that I had access with the crowfall newsletter in my email did not know that they gave access to the group of beta 1 and I am very happy for it.


Greetings!  :P

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