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Pledge Package Question

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From experience I assure you these ingame DLC stuff are never worth it.

Spending more than 50 Dollar on a game isnt worth it for 99% of the games getting produced nowadays.

Only spent more than that if you are comfortable with doing so.

It depends generally on 2 things.

Isnt there anything else in this world you would like more to spend that money on.

And do you really want to support that person/company you are giving the money to.

Also in case of crowdfunding, do you trust them that they can deliver something you would be able to enjoy.

For me at this point in time, I am very unsure about that second part, as Crowfall is having big problems in development, which dont get communicated at all.

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After EverQuest Next is gone, its Star Citizen for me.


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With your 70$ bundle and thinking about upgrading to an 250$ amber package, we are talking about additional 180$ you want to spend. The questions you have to ask yourself are 1. 'Do i really want to?' and 2. 'How can i make the most out of it?'


If you want to spend more money on crowfall, you have several ways to do so. You can

  • upgrade your package to another package
  • buy special upgrade bundles with specific perks
  • buy anything else you find useful in the shop
  • paticipate in the current investment campaign

Those possibilities include very different perks and you have to inform yourself enough about the game that you can decide what you would like/need most.



What you definitely should know is:

  • Generally perks and shop items won't help you to win any campaigns or to be stronger. They are convienience items that will help you to build your personal kingdom (or participate in other peoples kingdoms) faster. And kingdoms are mostly for housing and socializing.
  • Some packages include higher playtest access. That's because by buying them you reach a specific treshold. If you only want to have a higher access, you can reach this treshold also by buying anything else in the shop. Your forum badge and playtest access depend on the total sum you spend ... not on the package itself.


In my eyes

at the moment the best way to spend your money would be to participate in the investment campaign. For 100$ you will get an exclusive special edition of a 2-cell stronghold parcel, a  woodgrove parcel, a bloodwyne fountain, a villa, maybe an Arkon statue, an additional contributor package, an investor badge and a 100$ share of the company. But there's only 2 days left to do so and i don't know if the 100$ will count for your playtest treshold.

Use the rest of your money to buy something else in the shop.

Additionally to the investment, you could for example buy one of the villa upgrade packages for about 60$ that gives you a villa (normal price would be 120$) plus some tax-free parcels on top.

Or you could for example upgrade to the 180$ gold package. Minus your 70$ package that is only 110$ -- and it already includes a small fort wich alone would otherwise cost 250$.


Whatever you do, decide wisely, have fun and good luck and thanks for backing this game. :)


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Objectively looking,  each increasing tier of package gives you more extra stuff, compared to what you pay for it, so in that sense every package is worth it. So it really about, as those above stated already, how much you trust artcraft for making CF the game you really want to pay a lot of money for.

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If you decide you like Crowfall, I think your best bets are to either buy

  1. less, on an inexpensive 2nd account for crafting while reserving some money for VIP, or
  2. more, on ~$400 Kickstarter Amber via the TT program.  KS Amber includes 5 years of VIP and $250 quick credit if you wish (Physical Edition and Char Slots).   Plus tradeable parcels, guild hall, relics, etc.

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