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Knight 1 v 1s


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Decided to try Knight again. Knight needs more mobility, but good otherwise.


Knight Vs Legio



Knight Vs Confessor (Slow)



Knight Vs Druid



Knight Vs Confessor 1



Knight Vs Confessor 2



Knight Great Escape


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Nice job man, enjoyed your fights!

I don't want to kill more rats, fill another experience point bar or collect another meaningless badge. I want to play a GAME against PLAYERS, where my actions, my decisions and my SKILL will determine if I win or lose. Allies. Enemies. Alliances. Betrayal. risk. Conquest. To compete with THOUSANDS of other players for a chance to claim the THRONE. Even if i lose, the experience won't feel hollow. I don't want another worthless trophy.


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Really nice work.


Thinking of making the switch from sword to mace to test it out, since I can build +crushing damage and our 4-4-x combo does crushing damage.


What quality and stats did you build your gear with?


I know very little about crafting. There was some good resources used on my Weapon, but the rest of the gear is basic. I didn't use any optional items. Helm is chain instead of plate and I don't have boots.


Does building +crushing damage help the 4-4-x combo?

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Does building +crushing damage help the 4-4-x combo?


Something that needs testing still. But that is assuming the tooltip on the abilities is correct, as it says that it does X amount of Crushing damage.


If it's true (and functional) then +crushing damage would make that ability hit harder.

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