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New player!

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Hey all! I'm really excited to start playing!

Not sure what else to type here... lol. Just review the thread while i download all the patches.

This game sure does look awesome doesn't it? I'm really looking forward to being able to group up with people and mass siege temples and bases!

Also very curious about how the 'world' thing will be acomplished. Didn't it says something about using beasts to transport materials from one planet to another?


Any advice or sage wisdom is appreciated!

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Welcome to Crowfall.



IamMe is correct. 


The current state of the game presents players with archetypes (classes) that are legitimately broken, overpowered, underpowered and generally unbalanced. Your mileage may vary.


We have a test version of the game called Big World, which has a handful of PVP realms where the valuable resources are located, and a single realm called Sanctuary which has PvE rules so you cannot be ganked by players. Most of us do our crafting on Sanctuary. Use the spirit bank to move items between realms.


Read through the forums for guides/advice.


Watch Youtube videos from the Developers and other playtesters to get an idea of the state of the game.



See you in the field!

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