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Jan. 18th Live Stream


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We got something boys!

Also, "Do you have anything, sculpture wise, to show for the Frostweaver?" was asked. The response was basically No, they haven't really re-visited her since the kickstarter stuff, there's a few more archetypes in the hopper before her, but they're looking forward to her. Her build can change as a way to balance the amount of melee vs caster archetypes. 


The kusarigama: This is not CF concept art! They haven't released it yet :(

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Of the Hawk People

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Yay! Her weapon is confirmed, I was hoping for this. Since her motto is dance with me, I kind of hope her abilities are 'dances' sort of like Rukia's zanpakuto abilities from Bleach. So she can go from once dance to the next fluidly, and each dance has some special effect like a free, slow, or grapple.

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