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Would like to say hello to everyone!


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Greetings Community!


I've just bought pledge a moment ago... finally! :)


I won't bother you with long text, so... long time MMO genre player, kind of old-fart in terms of computer gaming, long time forum lurker and project lurker. Really looking forward to get some kind of EVE Online (which I love...more or less ;) ) in fantasy settings.


Living in Poland, happy father of two kids (one of them is quite interested in that gathering part of gameplay - I guess I will someone who will do it for me, hahaha *evil laugh* ).


I'll lurk even more to check if there are some guilds that I could join.


Best regards everyone and see you (hopefully soon) in game :)

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Welcome to the community.


There are already some well known international european guilds, like Caldera. There are also some community kingdoms that are not guild related but might be useful for you, like the free lands of azure or the still conceptual ravenheart.

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