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I'm completely new to this game and concept. It seems great, and if it well made I can see it as one of the better games ever made. but it also looks like we haven't gotten very far. Are the developers even started on the code? It seems like all we have so far are ideas. 

Tl;dr Sounds great, how far are we?


edit: For some reason the actual introduction part of my post got deleted before I finished my post.

My name is Captain, I live in Colorado and I have a love-hate relationship with big online games. My first experience came with Warcraft 3, which is super awesome still. Anyways I have a lot of hope for a game that can actually be played more than a few weeks. Right now I'm in the middle of Wrestling season so I won't be on here much, but once that is over I will try to make a meaningful contribution. 


P.S. My name is seriously Captain, so deal with it.


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Welcome, and atleast i think they do have quite some stuff that are done already.. and im hoping to see some ingame stuff/gameplay once the timer on the main site goes to 0

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