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What all housing items can we make?


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In theory there is an unlimited amount of items you could make. I wouldn't expect a robust system at launch but sky is pretty much the limit. Vanity items are a big money sink (in game money) and help keep an economy flowing.

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Is there going to be a limited amount of housing items we can make? or can we make things like china that are more high end? I think it would be cool if we could make the high end items because someone always wants them.


I don't really understand the question. Limited in relation to what?


  • What you will be able to craft depends partially on your trained skill. If you don't train jewelry, you won't be able to craft a crystal chandelier.
  • Partially it depends on the resources you possess. If you don't have the needed resources, even your skill won't help you.
  • Better items need better resources and better resources can only be found in the more and most dangerous worlds. So you have to go (and win) there, or trade with peoples who do, to be able to craft everything.
  • If you have both, you just might have bad luck and the only thing you produce is a crafting failure.
  • You can only craft what the deveoplers provide. It's a small company and the priority right now is to ship the game. Most accessories will probably appear later. But don't worry, there will be enough to start with.
  • Crowfall provides very extensive customization options when it comes to items. Different colors, material types and shapes will be available for a lot of things -- be it a sword hilt or a wall or a house. But they will surely not be endless.
  • Nearly everything you can buy, you will be able to craft ingame. You will even be able to craft land parcels. The very few exeptions are special editions, like the custom hamlet parcel design that was only available as a perk during the last investment campaign.
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