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Unable to post in testing area

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Somehow I seem to be unable to post in the forumarea about the gametests. I don't know why, all the other areas work fine. whenever I am on a post in the testing threads, there is a black bar at the top, saying I am unable to reply. When I am in the list of gametesting threads, there is again a black bar, telling me, that I can't start a new thread, since I am not a backer, wich I obviously am. I am logged in when there, so that can't be the issue.


Can anyone help me out?


Thnak you





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I've updated your forum groups so both of you should be able to access the Testing forums now. As Gummiel said, the fastest way to get our attention when you need help is through support@crowfall.com. This bug is not consistent and we don't know whose been affected by it until they report it to us via Support. 

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Badwolfe's account has been really stubborn. I fixed the member group numerous times and it simply refused to stick. Highly observant people may notice that his member group is now "Tester" rather than "Testers". That work-around seems to be sufficient. So, if you are also having the issue of your member group reverting after we've fixed it, please email support@crowfall.com to let me know. 

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