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Just starting out


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Welcome here as well ;)

You might want to take a look here, otherwise just go to the discord server.


Hope you find a group to play with!

Let me sing you a song / Of a world that just vanished / Of a story that ended to soon
Let me bring you a cup / Make a toast to the living / And a toast to the legends we share

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Welcome to Crowfall!


The next test is scheduled to begin this Friday. LINK


I look forward to seeing you in the field!


I recommend you use the few days we have before the test servers come up to do your research on the various Archetypes (AT) to decide where you want to spend your time.


You can connect to the lobby at present to manage your skills (they train while offline too) but the actual game environment isn't up until the tests go active.


Good luck in your search for a group and guild!

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