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Crafting in Crowfall


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Hey all,


I'm the sort of player that genuinely wants to devote more of my playtime into the economics of the game. (Harvesting, Crafting, Trade)


Big World 1 and 2 offered us our first look at the systems as they are in the current build. I expect to see a good number of revisions as development progresses and so I've begun to catalog a sort of "how things are" which I'll reference in patches to come.


To that end, I'm putting together a small project I'm just going to call Crafting in Crowfall. Something to give the non-testers some reference material to work with so that they can do more than just theory-craft.


The bulk of the videos currently up on the internet are mostly concerned with either bugs or PVP (mine included). To be fair, PVP comprises the bulk of what we, as testers, can do in Big World until a more fleshed out resource/crafting environment is added. I don't enjoy having to farm chests for high-end materials, but I understand that the Dev's have better things to worry about.


You can find my first (very rough) pass at a crafting video showing how the system works (here). It isn't meant to be a guide, just a demonstration of all the steps needed to go from raw materials to end item in a compressed timeframe. 


Constructive feedback highly desired.



[Edit] Seems my audio mixer was set a few db too high. Headphone users, please lower your volume.




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