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Hello from the Confoederatio Helvetica

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Hello Everyone,


I'm from Switzerland and really pleased to be part of this project :)

I'm just starting reading everything and getting to know the game. 

There are still a lot of questions that I have and I hope I'll find the answers to most of them in the forums :) 
I'll ask some questions here, right away just to get them out of the way. 



Section: Backer Rewards

Quarterhorse: Do I receive this at the final stage of the game? Or can I spawn it already? If I can spawn it already is it permanent or not?

One Month VIP: I got this twice. Can I activate them already? Or are they for the final stage/release?

Credits - Patron 17': Do I receive these credits at the final stage/release?  


Section: Housing

House: I would really like to buy a house. My Question: If I buy a house - do I automatically get a place assigned which is only "mine" or do I have to buy some cell's too then? If I have loot on me - can I place that loot in my house before logging of to save it from loosing it - or just protect me from being robbed?

I already read through the "New Players Guide" provided by Magpie. Really thankful for that!
But I still have a lot of questions. Is there a bigger guide? I saw that there is a wiki. 
I didn't read through the wiki, I just "got in" yesterday, so there wasn't much time :D Would I find some of my answers there? 

Really appreciate your answers in advance and hopefully we meet each other online :) 

Kind Regards,




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Mounts are not yet implemented, so you won't find them in the test. You will get them as ingame items once the game is released. Though it might be in the test at some point in the future (who knows).

Mounts in Crowfall can die. To say: later on in the real game you can loose it. But if you got a specific mount pre-release, you will be able to duplicate it's skin onto any other mount of the same type.  


VIP Month:

You can't activate VIP month before soft release. They will probably be items in game, too. For the sake of testing currently all accounts are treated like being VIP accounts (to say: you can train 3 archetype skills at the same time instead of only one - there are no other VIP perks yet, but there will be).



First you have to understand that there is a difference between housing in the eternal kingdoms and the campaign worlds. I suggest to read the EK FAQ first.

Houses, strongholds and parcels you can buy are meant to be used in the eternal kingdoms and there will probably very very few possibilities (if any at all) to transfer them into the campaign worlds via the embargo system. So basically: housing = eternal kingdom.

Every player will get his own starter eternal kingdom with a few basic land cells. So if you buy a house, you will have enough land to place it in your personal kingdom. If you don't want to be on your own, you can also place your house in other kingdoms if you got at least vassal rights there. You could for example participate in kingdoms like the german-speaking community kingdom Rabenherz, the european countries kingdom ravenheart or the international Free Lands of Azure kingdom.

In your own kingdom you are the monarch and you can define who can enter it and if PvP is activated or not - so it's save if you want it to be. The resources you can gather there are usually low end quality. So you will only have to care about looting in the campaign worlds. And like said before, you usually won't be able to take your house with you. You may find house and stronghold ruins in the campaign worlds which you can build up again with resources you found there. But you won't really be able to defend them on your own - remember, crowfall is a teamplay game and in the campaign worlds in the end nothing is save. You will be able to save some of your gathered resources by carrying it to an embargo point and putting it into your spirit bank. But once you did, you won't be able to access these resources and items until the campaign is over -- then you will get your share depending on your effort to win this campaign and be able to move it over to your kingdom or into your next campaign.

So if it comes to EK's, yes you can put stuff in your house and it will be save (there will be some kind of access system, so it will be save even in other peoples kingdoms).

Bit if it comes to CW's, the only really save place is the embargo (but you can't use anything you put there until the campaign is over).


If you are from the german-speaking part of helvetica, i would suggest to visit the CFC, which is the biggest german-speaking crowfall platform, with a lot of active and experienced players and guilds who can answer your questions via forum or teamspeak more conveniently.


Have fun and good luck


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