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Wanted: Community creations - Official discussion thread


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Will you require the game play footage with out the UI as well, or just the screen shots?


bored hipsters fight with no UI and no weapons




@ACE - one recent poor side effect of the floating UI change is whenever we enter mouse mode - it will ALWAYS show the inventory (as well as any other previously open UI windows all stacked on top).


this tends to get really messy for recording video (esp. if using an external shortcut to trigger records with includes alt key)


also the new nameplates are much more prominent and appear in no UI screenshots...


also the chat: please make it so we can fully collapse the chat window like we used to be able too. the current fading out doesn't really work too well and often regains focus - taking up a big chunk of video space. i typically drag the chat window mainly out of the window area, except for the cog, just to hide it. but this then makes inviting etc a real pain! ;p

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The links are broken, but this angle is important. In my view ACE needs to make marketing all about guilds going forward. Then they need to build systems to support guilds and, more importantly, new systems that will shuttle new players off gently toward existing guilds and a systems that make guild formation really, really organic within the game.


Maybe something like a series of questions that the player would answer. "Are you in an existing guild playing CF?" Yes directs you to their IC. No follows with something like: "Are you interested in forming a new guild or in joining an existing guild playing CF?" Each having it's own outcome, obviously. One offering a list of registered guilds with links to IC messaging re recruitment. Another spoonfeeding the guild system.


I don't know how to do it, but I've seen what happens when a player who's never really played a game like this gets dropped into a game like this with no real support ... they don't stay long.  And its a damn shame.

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Is there a specific reason why this is restricted on guilds and don't include other groups, like community kingdoms or roleplay sites and such?


I second this. My strategy was to spin a Kingdom vs a guild also, (Nation, city state etc). 

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