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Crafting & stat values


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Hey all.


Preface: I know that ACE have said not to put too much stock into 'the numbers' of skills and items. This topic is more about what those numbers represent, rather than their actual values.


These past few tests I've been crafting to test various stats and the impact they have in-game and to my surprise, my general impression has been one of 'not a huge difference.'


For example, I crafted both a staff and full set of leather armor for my Druid with the sole purpse of pushing +support power in order to enhance the healing power of the Druid. But come time to actually play test, I didn't see that great of a difference in healing performance in game.


So when a weapon has +4.xxxx support power, what does it represent? It doesn't seem to be 4%


Comparing the support power stat in the paper-doll I see that +4.x doesn't really amount to much when your baseline is in the hundreds. It seems to me that the stats from the weapons and armor are cumulative with your paper doll stats and then the total is somehow used to influence your abilities in game.


Similarly, I made both a weapon and shield for my Knight with +combat stamina regen stat (to help with blocking) and while I noticed a small difference. It wasn't enough of a difference to change the playstyle in any meaningful way as I still had to manage my block/non-block time with the flow of combat so as not to burn out my stamina bar in the first 30s.



How much of an impact on game performance do the soft stats (non-damage) on our equipment offer? 

What do they really represent beside flat bonuses to paper stats.



Anyone have any other experiences with crafting along these lines?


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Blair mentioned in the recent livestream that those stat values are actually more powerful than they appear because of the way they're currently represented in-game.  I'm guessing this applies to the paper doll stats, too, since my +.264 to crafting speed is listed as... +.264 percent to crafting speed.  Swell.


Still, regardless of what the numbers seem to show, I would expect to eventually notice these increases in "real world" application.  That hasn't really been the case so far for anything but weapon damage values.  I would've expected them to crank those values way up so that we're able to clearly discern that the entire "secondary stats on gear" system is working as it should.


If your +4 to support power was really 400%, and you were throwing 40k heals with your Druid, at least we'd know for sure. ;)

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LOL I assure you that I wasn't throwing 40K heals around :)


Thank you for that link, I wasn't able to catch most of the stream as I was at work and I'm still playing catch up with some info. (yes twitch is blocked x3)


I'll eagerly await for when they "make it better" as he said. Clarification is always good, but you've 100% answered my question.


Thank you. +10 DKP 



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FYI Blair also mentioned % stats in a post:  http://community.crowfall.com/index.php?/topic/15314-skill-tree-tool-tip-analysis/?p=319065


AFAIK, it actually is 4%.   In a way.   It's a +4% modifier to the variable portion of the Power's damage/healing.  You're absolutely right that this doesn't amount to +4% overall, since a) it has no impact on the base amount, and 2) most players have well over 100 Support Power.


AP has the same problem.  You can craft a few points with perfect experimentation, but it's not really balanced with what you can obtain from the Tree.

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