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Leveling and Training

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Welp, I've been corrected.

The thing that made Shadowbane great was being in charge of your character right from the start.  Vectious and Coolwaters have given a lot of good in depth information on SBs character system, I just want to add to it with an example.


A fully developed character maxed out at level 75, and with the higher levels you opened up additional discipline slots as they have mentioned.   Normally that was called an R7 toon.  Due to SBs character creation and stat adjustment being in the hands of the players, you could effectively have an R4 toon (level 40-49) that was just as combat effective as a R7.  I know, because one of my combat vamp thief builds was my discipline hunters.  For over a year he never leveled from fighting mobs, but might have leveled 1 or 2 times from fighting players.  As an R4, when the vamp thief was built correctly you had all the utility you needed in order to go against maxed out characters.


On the issue of full loot that others have touched on, SB wasn't truly "full" loot, it was full inventory loot, and anything equipped on the player took item decay (disciplines were not considered items and remained forever).  For those of us looking for some type of character permanence, I feel it's a great idea to have the same thing as SB, and only have full inventory loot.  However others and myself have given suggestions on how to add new skills that would allow for the salvaging of vessels, while still maintaining the integrity of the vessel for the player.  I think this is a great compromise where the winner gets to loot all inventory items, and gets to take something from the downed vessel, while the loser still gets to keep their vessel and all attached disciplines.


It's cheap. It's easy. It works. I actually think I need a few more. I'm hoping Ace has some idea that will ameliorate any issues caused by multiple accounts.

One of the ways that EvE handled their "crafting" was implementing blueprint drops that not everyone had.  There were BPs that could be readily purchased by anyone, but then they had lotteries for other types.  While the implementation of those BPs were somewhat controversial, I think it's at least a starting point for discussion in CF.  Is there a way that BPs can be handed out in CF such that not every player or profession can have all of the BPs on their groups of accounts.  This would make dependence on others necessary.

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I gotta be honest, I'm a little lost. Have the dev's explicitly stated that they intend to require all prerequisite nodes in the tree for the next like they do now, or is that not just a bug? In my mind there's no way they can actually intend for you to have to train leather, mail, and plate armor to get to the next tier of armor nodes. Makes no custardin' sense. If that's actually the intention here, I can agree this system is downright stupid. But if that's not the case and you get to choose between the 3 on your way, I don't understand how someone could claim there is no customization in the trees. That's exactly what that is, or should be.

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