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can't seem to post in testing forums?

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Can't seem to post in testing forums to provide feedback even though I can actually go into the game. Anybody know why?


Also testing feedback:


1. Ranger can't seem to move backwards while charging an arrow shot, but can still strafe left/right. Walking backwards animation does still play though, so possibly a bug?

2. I am colourblind, so this won't apply to everyone and hopefully once the accessibility settings are available it becomes less of a problem. I can barely see the difference between slag ore and cobblestone. They look almost exactly the same to my eyes.

3. Enemy Hellcat(?) AI seems to fail around half the time if they walk into water. They don't retaliate and just sit there while I beat on them.

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At a guess, it's probably got something to do with how your forum status is "Member," not "Tester."


Clearly you are able to log in, which implies that the issue is an error. Email tech support. They should be able to fix it pretty quickly.

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Software_release_life_cycle#Pre-alpha <--this is where we are. If your complaint is that the game don't not works good, come back later.

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Support can sort it for you. I still show as a member even though I can log into game and now post on the tester forum.


Think you'll be pleasantly surprised how quick the developers of this game will respond to you too - their customer service is awesome :)


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Anybody know why?


Yes. It's a bug that sometimes affects users. ACE is working on it. And, just like the others said, please contact support@artcraftent.com to get entitled manually.

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