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Heavily Edited ACE Telethon. Gameplay and Info Segments ONLY!


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So I edited down ACE's 12 hour livestream into 5 hours and only focused on the gameplay and informational segments/moments. I watched the entire 12 hour stream and you would be surprised how many awesome bits of info were given away in the non gameplay focused segments. I feel like some people probably said things they shouldn't have  :rolleyes: .


This video is aimed more at the hardcore fans of Crowfall who know a good bit about the game already. I'm hoping you guys find this convenient because it took a pretty long time to make.


Video Link: https://youtu.be/Iq-SXCfyjSs

Edited by Zybak
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Zyback! Will this be a podcast episode?


I'd love to listen to it over Stitcher.


And TY man.


The podcast is a completely separate thing and I don't want this video being out of place in the iTunes, SoundCloud, Stitcher playlists (they're all connected). However YouTube now saves your place in long videos so you should be able to return back to the video if you have to close out for whatever reason. 

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