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The Secret World


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Go for it.
TSW is one of the best mmorpgs I ever played!


The game features some end-time/apocalypse setting, with zombies & creatures of myth and legend coming to life again.
You as a player are a member of one of the 3 secret societies: templars, dragons or illuminati. You are given special abilities by a mysterious entity...or two of them. who knows :D

if you look at it from the outside, it's a simple themepark-game, with quests and npc's. but there are some special types of quest, which you won't find in any other mmorpg: infiltration and mystery quests. for the first ones, you are tasked to find your way to some place/person/item, without triggering any traps, walking into laserbarriers or beeing seen by cameras. it can be quite tricky, believe me.

The mystery quests give you hints, like riddles, to solve them. You have to THINK to solve them, and sometimes you can't only stay in the game - you have to google things as well - and I don't mean the walkthroughs ;)


But the best feature of the game, in my opinion, is the skillsystem.

You don't have levels. You don't have classes. You have a skillwheel, which consists of 9 weapons - 3 close combat, 3 rifle/pistol type, 3 magic. You can use up to 2 weapons simultaniously in combat, which means your 7 active skills can be choosen from those weaponskills. Your 7 passive skills can come from any weapon of the 9 - which makes for a multitude of possible combinations, and normally no two players would have the same set.

I've spent hours and hours building decks for my fellow guild mates back in the day. While combining active weapons, you have to look out for the synergies, like trigger effect, debuff types, which skills give recources (builders) and which types need recources (consumers). It's a sience, and I loooove it.


If you want to play, and need some help figuring out the skill system, don't hesitate to ask me :)

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Let me sing you a song / Of a world that just vanished / Of a story that ended to soon
Let me bring you a cup / Make a toast to the living / And a toast to the legends we share

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Gosh i wish i had more time to decide 7 hours left for the sale and it seems cool but I don't know yet been reading reviews on steam haven't watched any gameplay videos but I'm still on the fence

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Depends what you want out of the game. I bought my ultimate edition when it was for sale for 20 something dollars a couple years ago and it was worth every penny. Just don't go in expecting a full MMO experience with a big healthy player base, fun PVP modes and epic raids or anything like that. At least for me The Secret World is the best single player MMO there is LOL.


I mean, sure. There are guilds very faithful to the game, you can do some dungeon raids and PVP and all that (the PVP is mediocre tho). And there's still an RP community there as well. But the game doesn't receive as much attention from Funcom as it used to before, because most of their resources are allocated to Conan Exiles now (so don't expect regular updates). As such many old players left due to lack of new content. 


However TSW has by far the best quests in any MMO I ever played or heard of, the most amazing and original story and lore, and pretty challenging gameplay as well, specially the final Tokyo zone. It's not only an MMO, it's a transmedia experience. In order to solve quests, you need to do research on google, youtube, the RP stories cross over with twitter, etc. It's an amazing experience. 11 dollars just to do the main story quests once is already a ridiculous bargain. I do recommend you research some character builds beforehand tho. Game starts pretty easy, but difficulty ramps up by the time you get to the second or third zones. And Tokyo can be harsh if you don't go in with a solid build. 



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I'm a little disappointed by these relaunch news. I understand why they're doing it, the game's population has been pretty low and combat was always mediocre. But I'd rather see a continuation to the main story with new zones and quests than an attempt to "improve" a combat system that is already flawed at its core, and to add grindy daily quests in the hope that people will stick around. Most people I know played TSW for the story, quests and RP. Not so much for grinding dailies and dungeons. The Twitterverse initiative was an awesome project, they should have focused on the groundbreaking concepts of making the MMO a full transmedia experience instead of just trying to make another bland grind. There was so much potential there. 



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5 hours ago, Rikutatis said:

But I'd rather see a continuation to the main story with new zones and quests 

They've done that. They've added a lot of new content, but that isn't going to draw new people in. It's a good game and the combat is better than most people say, but it could definitely use a shake up as it's gotten kinda stale.

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