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Hello, happy to loot your corpse


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Hi there


Cozmo here, I'm a mmorpg/fps player, looking for a good hardcore mmo with real economy.


Favorite MMOS


- EVE Online - best economy system out there, original mechanics, a lil' bit too timeconsuming

- Ultima Online - well it doesn't require explanation

- Star Wars Galaxies (pre CU) - had a nice crafting/economy and open character development, got ruined by business aiming to make a wow clone in sci-fi theme

- Wurm Online - the best engine for shaping land and building I've ever seen in a MMO, time consuming though (this is a game on which Notch, creator of Minecraft was working on as a part of the team long time ago)

- Guild Wars - removed the grind, made it super easy to jump into PvP, great casual MMO, returning to it up to this day

- Darkfall - hardcore action PVP


Hoping that Crowfall will be a great hardcore PVP like Darfall was (or is through Darkfall RoA) and an economy like in EVE, with a great building system from what I hear about eternal kingdom and differentiating maps between campaigns.


Fingers crossed for it not becomming a "set up your own server for up to 64 players" mmo like "life is feudal" and others.


I'm a webdeveloper by trade so if you're looking for a clan webpage or creating tools for players later on, add me to your shortlist.




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