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Video - "Big World" landscape tour


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Something different.

Heres a tour of the different landscapes currently in the pre alpha "Big World" maps.

Crowfall - "Big World" landscape tour


Includes: grasslands, canyons, mines, sawmills, camps, hunger crystals, temples, graveyards, forests, giant trees, roads, villages, keeps, swamps, valleys, lakes, rivers, hills, mountains, ridges and ditches.
Video at 400% speed.

"WHAT! A video where I didn't see *at least* five horses? And a tank that almost one shots an entire group? Is this still the Crowfall video forum?"

Don't worry! I've got you covered for that in this totally serious other video...

Crowfall - herp derp meta guild horse stacking


Poor CFC's knight, Nchdu, must of been confused/worried seeing 5 horses coming his way (trying to do a riders of rohan impression)...a truly beautiful whirling leap!
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