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Just another guy along to see if this place can be a home for me and mine who enjoys PVP, neither of us is really holding our breath hoping this will become THE experience but well... hope dies last.
Anyway about me: 25 year old guy, 3D artist (games), lives in Sweden and loves PVP games (preferably harsh ones), and currently playing the waiting game. Spent something like 8 or 9 years playing Lineage 2 majority of that time almost doing PVP and before that Tibia and PKing, between and during I have also played a poorly made socksloads of other games both good and bad but mostly the later as all custard companies manages to screw it all up or just throw the hardcores under the buss once they have hyped the game enough. I made this post after reading Gordons reply about UOs changes (the trammel poorly made socks) and hopes that means he learnt his lesson and we will have a good game where mistakes wont be reapeated and the game will be a thing you can enjoy for a long time.

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