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The Power of Fire!


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During the crafting dupe I was able to get some pretty decent gear put together.


This video has a brief gear break down at the beginning. You'll see my attack power and crit damage are stupid high. 


A couple of things to look for in this video

1st fight - 24k crit which finishes him off

2nd fight - 28k crit rendering the legio's healing ineffective (and I turned him into a 'horse fly' with my tornado)

3rd fight - 26k crit on a different legio. He should have been able to pin me in those rocks and whomp on me, probably a newer player.

4th fight - I came across 4 randoms and decided to fight them all. I was on the EU server so my ping was stupid. If you're wondering what happened at the end... I ran to get health  up and when I came full circle the knight was already re engaged with the same group. That video didnt make the cut (even though it turned into a 7 man royal rumble), because it was just too long. 


Hope you enjoy the music, its a bit of a change from the normal tunes.


Just keep killing, just keep killing, just keep killing, killing killing...


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Just a tad loud on the music (compared to in-game audio) but overall not a bad choice of background music.


I enjoyed the look at your gear at the beginning.


I would recommend some transitions to avoid the hard cuts between fights. Just to give the footage a bit of flow.  An additive dissolve works well, so does dip-to-color.


Keep up the good work :)

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How did you get lifesteal on your book? Do you remember the combination, and which part?


Yew material, woodworking probably. but relax, it doesn't working anyway cuz confessor has no life leech

same for +bleeding dmg.


crowfall pvp makkonMyrmidon statement: rangefall

Discord makkon#8550

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