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Yeah, lower the price of housing. 55 pounds for a cottage is ridiculous.

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Guys, guys... I'm usually totally on the company's side for cosmetic microtransactions, but...


Are we really defending the cost of the lowest tier of housing being as much as your average video game? During the 12 hour Livestream Todd claimed that they priced large plots based on how many people they could hold all paying their "target housing price" of 25 for a normal or 35 for an expensive house. We're at almost double that rate for individual housing, plots excluded. I've spent probably thousands of dollars on microtransactions since they became a thing, but I sure as poorly made socks ain't buying a 55 pound cottage, just based on principle.


So yeah, I simply won't buy it, and I'm not really upset about that, I don't NEED it. But I happen to think they'd make up for a price drop in quantity sold if the price was dropped.


That is likely a problem for closer to open beta time though, people invested in the game at this point are more likely to pay that pricetag, and also likely to just suck it up if it gets dropped later, as lame as that is.

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You'll be able to acquire them in game somehow I believe.



Only thing thats really exclusive (unless otherwise stated) as far as I know is different skins and colors for stuff. Otherwise yeah pretty much anything in the store should be able to be gotten through in game means.

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Those that will pay for it as is will do so.


Those that won't will get it in game later.


Recognizing that such transactions are a method of generating revenue since ACE isn't being funded by a larger publisher.


Crowd funding revenue eventually runs out, don't hate them for selling in game assets early at a price point of their choosing.


Look at the price tag for most of the assets in Star Citizen. 55 is on the cheap side for them too.

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