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[Dutch] Europe - REQUIΣM [REQ]


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Hello and welcome on the recruitment page of REQUIΣM!





(Recruitment video: https://www.youtube....h?v=MAtY9S1QiY4)

(Website: http://crowfallguild.wixsite.com/requiem )


Requiem is a newly founded, Dutch speaking, European guild by three experienced MMO players seeking to become a high-end competitive guild in Crowfall. To become a top guild we need competitive, social, polite, crow’s like you!


Requiem will be a guild that consist of max fifty players. We’re going to focus on quality above quantity. Those fifty players will be divided in combatants and crafters, some of the players that don’t like to choose a specific direction have also a place in this guild and can do both.  The hierarchy will look like this: Leaders – Officers (one for the combatants and one for the crafters) – Crafters/Combatants – nonspecific players.


We already mentioned that we want to be one of the better guild out there, this won’t be without a struggle or life would be pretty boring. This isn’t our only focus though. It’s important to have some fun on the way, become a big group of friends and communication is hereby a key component.  That’s why we provide a Curse client to have smooth communication along the way.

We want to be a sturdy guild and that’s why we have established some rules and requirements that must be followed if you want to join Requiem.



·        Show respect, be polite to one another. After all, we’re all friends that have each other’s back. If you experience impolite behaviour towards yourself contact the guild leaders so they can help you.

·        Be active in the guild, if you’re online try to join our voice chat on a regular base. Activity also means that you have to participate in events organized by the guild: Such as pvp, siege warfare, harvesting materials…

·        If you get a task assigned upon your own agreement, finish this within the discussed time.

·        Do not beg for advantages that can be received from the guild. If you participate you will get the same cut as everyone else.

·        Use Dutch to communicate with guild members.

·        Requiem expects that all actions members take are done in the mind set of guild first. Everything you do can have consequences for the guild. Your behaviour reflects on the overall guild image and can even effect fellow members. Thus we only need actions to be taken if they have a positive influence on the guild or if you have permission for it.

·        Information that’s gathered within the guild, strategies, resources, stays in the guild. Only alliances can be informed.


·        You need to be sixteen years old or above.

·        You need to use voice chat and be capable of speaking Dutch.

·        You need to be polite, after all we’re friends.

·        Experience is not needed but we expect that you are a competitive person, that has the urge to improve.

·        Follow the above formulated rules


At last we provide some information about ourselves:


Hello there my name is Robin Van Wulpen. I am 18 years old and live in Belgium. I'm the little brother of Elitescream. Atm I am studying societal security. I have played a few MMO’s like Guild Wars 2, Tera, Archeage and World Of Warcraft. I got the most experience by playing World Of Warcraft. I have played WOW since the Lich King expansion but only started to play it serious in Mist Of Pandaria. I focused on raiding so I joined a serious guild Primal Madness and started raiding for 4 days a week until I got in the top 5 of the realm. In Warlords of Dreanor, I quitted raiding before the second raid because it deceived my expectation. No one liked it in the guild so we all just took a break. Then I started raiding again in Legion for 2 days a week but I quitted after a few months because I had enough of WOW I had already done everything and I had the feeling I needed something new. So I may have some experience but I surely know how to take a game serious. I expect a lot from Crowfall and I’ll do my best to contribute as much as I can for the guild. Looking forward to play with you guys!


Hello, I’m Coda, the leader of Requiem! In real life they call me by the name Jacob. I’m nineteen, almost twenty years old and study criminology. Like Robin and Dylan I live in a small country called by the name Belgium (In the Flemish part). I’ve played video games for a pretty long time, started with Darkorbit as my first competitive game, where I got in the top 100 in my server and managed to be a member of the first guild. Next up Grepolis: A strategy game where I founded a couple of guilds: Some were failings, others great, most of my Guild leadership experience comes from that game. I also played World Of Warcraft, the pvp aspect but not hard competitive. I would love to build a strong, competitive guild in Crowfall and I hope that you will be part of it!


Hey, I am Elitescream, one of the leaders of Requiem. My real name is Dylan Van Wulpen, I’m 20 years old and live in Belgium. At the moment I am studying to become a teacher in English and French. I have been playing video games since I was 5 years old and since then it has always been my favourite past-time. MMO’s have always been one of my favourite games because of the amount of time you can put into it and the cooperation you need to succeed in them. The ones I took seriously were Guild wars 2 where I mostly did PvP and World of Warcraft where I was in a hardcore raiding guild with Pico. After 5 months of raiding in the guild I lost my enjoyment in raiding because it felt repetitive, so I decided to quit. Since then I have played some other MMO’s like blade and soul, but they just felt like the same thing, same concept different layout. Then I discovered Crowfall. At first I was sceptical, but the more info I got about the game the more I got interested in it. This is the MMO that is trying to change the basic concept and taking it to the next level. So I have very high hopes for this game and I hope it will be the change that MMO’s need. I will also try my best to make this guild succeed and will sacrifice as much time for it as I possibly can, because the future is inside us, it’s not somewhere else!



Wil you become part of our big group of friends, or do you have any questions? Let us know!




Have a nice day,


The REQUIΣM Team! 

Edited by Coda
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