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Banners: Revealing your colors, and gaining unique buffs

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A thought since I've seen the word of banners passed here and there.


If Banners held a Guild's Emblem and all that, but carrying it was giving away your allegience to the enemy. As in, you cannot tell who the enemy is [they don't glow red or anything], but if you see an enemy's Banners you can tell their guild and figure out, from what you know, whether they're on your side or not.


On friendly-fire servers, this would be especially fun, but to the point, what would be the point in carrying a banner if it gave you away?


Strong Buffs in a medium-sized AoE, such that covering a small group only requires a single banner, but covering an army requires numerous banners.


And, in this, each Guild [including guilds of one] may assign a benefit their buff gives to Guildmates [meaning creating numerous guilds of one doesn't give unintended advantage]. This also means that soloists, if they so choose, can carry a banner on them to receive solo-guild benefits and not be at a distinct advantage.


Carrying a banner actively should, of course, have some movement cost, and planting it should be a costly animation, such that guilds do have some advantage in numbers.


Thoughts on this?

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I play one turn based strategy, in which guilds can capture relics that provide numerous bonuses. What if these bonuses are captureable in crowfall too? I think it would be a good system. Or make them god related, so you will build a guild sworn to Yaga or so.

Mercenary guild is recruiting. Send me a message if you are interested.

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The thing that comes to mind for me is like the "banners" you can put on your character in GW2 or Diablo that sit on your back. So they could make it use the cape slot and it would put a little flag/banner on your back with your heraldry and design and whatnot.


Either way I definitely support this in game somehow. Seeing guilds march at eachother with all their banners in the air would be an awesome sight in game

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