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Help understanding non-commercial use


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So, not a lawyer. Have a few questions about creating a site or an app relating to Crowfall and what non-commercial use means. For example, say it uses the Crowfall skill tree structure and names or crafting recipes in some way.


Would any of these be allowed:


Showing ads on the site or in the app.

Charging for the app or paying for usage or the site or some portion of it.

Having a support or donate button.


Or, instead of money, what about VIP tokens:

Providing features or access to the app or site in exchange for VIP membership tickets in-game?



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Interesting questions.  You might get a better (faster) response by emailing press@artcraftent.com
Though the forums as a whole might benefit from an answer. 
My first impression is that if you charge for access to a site or app that uses ArtCraft assets, you've commercialized a product and therefore are not operating under the non-commercial policy. I imagine that ArtCraft will be very discouraging unless you come to some sort of written agreement.
Also: Anything third-party (like an app) is strictly off-limits for using ArtCraft assets.

4. ACE’s Property may not be used in relation to any third party products or third party intellectual property.

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