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So, Tell Me About Shadowbane.

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well sbemu did something another to make restoration and a few healer things spirit based instead of int based. Closest anyone's come.


but enchanter? Good god. What a waste.


Yes, it felt like an idea which was not well executed at the time, a completely useless thing in-game, lol. 


Crowfall Game Client: https://www.crowfall.com/en/client/

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You have a very low opinion of CoS if you thought that MM and TP were superior guilds in terms of actual game play. The Presidents were truly the most overrated self-proclaimed "RPK" guild in the history of the game. They rolled centaur groups for years and they always sucked at playing them. I realize that statement may offend a bunch of fan-boys who played with them (surely there must be tons as they open recruited on every server iteration on which I found them), but I have to call it like it is.


One release server guild that was always good, even up until the time where they just ran a group of guys on the Mourning server ~2006, was FA from War.

You should change your forum name to MancrushTP. It's embarrassing. You post the same drivel on every forum, you're like a broken record I mean Christ it's been like a decade and you still have a hardon for TP. #GetaLife


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