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I don't think that the $45 bundle is in the current testing group.


But just to be certain, check https://crowfall.com/en/client/ and it will verify your account either way.

I think you misunderstood I was wondering if I could pay the additional 30$ "roughly" and upgrade to the next founders bundle or do I have to spend the full 70$

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That is correct.


Indeed it doesn't matter what you buy. You just have to reach the 70$ sum total threshold (including your original backer bundle and anything else you bought in the shop, no matter what) to get beta-1 access.


Accesses will be checked once or twice a week automatically. If you are in a hurry, you can contact support@artcraftent.com, to get entitled manually.

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Agitator, did you get your question answered and issue solved? I just wanted to add that if you consume (or "open") your pledge bundle to apply it to your account, you can no longer easily upgrade automatically. You would have to ask Support to rebundle it in order to upgrade to the next tier.


Hope you got it taken care of.

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