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Hail friends,


  I come from a pvp based background but still I love the farming to get gear aspect of video games like shadow bane or lineage 2. I played wow as well but when i die to 1 healer not dispelling properly or a tank not swapping properly or just enrage timers because dps stand in crap or dont know what a dps rotation is i could only take so much of that. I always tend to go back to games like shadow bane even got into FPS's and moba's. I have dreamed about a remake of a game like shadow bane and this fits the ticket perfect. With my idol todd working on this game with many others that are amazing in there field this game will be the best of the best. 


  In game I plan on having 2-3 accounts and I am looking for a guild that is going to be dedicated and organized in pvp and crafting alike. I will have a pvp account for whatever is needed normally play support classes but the templar I think I want to main. but the other 2 accounts are going to be gather's or crafters of w/e the guild that I am in needs. I do have the extra time to play the game I am taking time off working to go back to college so dedicating myself to that and this game is going to keep me out of trouble.


  If anyone is playing regularly or any guilds please send me a message we can get together and pvp or gather.

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