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First Vessel Created During Testing


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Posting from my alt account since my main account cant post to testing forums for some reason. Here is the work of most of the testing weekend 2/17- 2/20 by us Cremillians. A fully crafted Templar Vessel in honor of her release this test. Vessels are craftable and are much easier to make than previously thought! This body was made with pretty much no additives or philosophers stone (just some humerus and femurs I dug up).https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T43Fa89p1p8

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He makes it sound easy, but the guild (Cremillia) had to build many (dozens) of blue and purple Hammer rune stones (thank you Lemerte) and the mother loads required at least 4 players harvesting for hours to get the minerals required. Lots of blue and purple resources used just to farm the mats.

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In the video, you mention needing at least 20 mining on your hammers. What rank stone were you mining? You should be able to mine rank 4 with 2 people and fairly crappy hammers.


I'm also curious to see if the skill training will stack with the potion. It should. I've got the +25% to minerals skill on an alt account, but I haven't tried it yet.


In previous builds, you could get ground halite by grinding cobblestone. Have they changed that? It's probably not intended for the final game, but it would certainly cut the harvesting time down significantly for testing.

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We were harvesting the Rank 5 Marble and Granite nodes in the swamp parcel. We may have been able to break the nodes down with +15s but we didn't even want to try it as it would have been extremely frustrating for the 4 of us to do. 


Well if we are on at the same time next test and I've got a harvesting group together we could try out the +25% if you joined us. It could really cut down on number of nodes we need to harvest if it works lol.


Grinding Cobblestone now produces Sand which is not even considered a powdered stone. I was not able to use it to make philosophers solution. Halite comes from Granite Motherlodes and Cinnabar from Marble Motherlodes. We did not break down other types of stone as we were focused only on getting Cinnabar and Halite...though next test we may be testing out the other minerals for solution combos. 

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