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Tips and Tricks for Crafting.


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I learned a couple things this weekend Crafting.

1) Sigil Combinations. I believe these should be the same for everyone but verification required.


Gold + Silver= Harvest Critical Chance
Silver + Copper= Gem Harvest Chance
Iron + Tin =Plethora of Dust
Tin +Copper= Beneficial Harvest Chance

2) Specialty Seals. I know i saw a cleaner version of this floating around, but that was after i found them all.


Gold + Slate= Jewelcrafting
Gold + Granite=Crafting Seal

Gold + Travertine=Crafting Seal
Gold + Marble= Alchemy Seal
Gold + LimeStone=Crafting Seal

Gold + Cobblestone= Crafting Seal

Silver + Slate= Woodworking

Silver + Granite = Crafting Seal

Silver +Travertine= Skinning

Silver +Marble= Runemaking
Silver + Limestone=Crafting Seal

Iron + Slate = Blacksmithing Seal
Iron + Granite= Chopping Seal

Iron + Travertine= Crafting Seal

Iron + Marble= Enchanting Seal

Iron + Limestone= Crafting Seal

Tin + Slate= Crafting Seal

Tin + Granite= Prospecting Seal

Tin + Travertine = Crafting Seal
Tin + Marble= Necromancy Seal

Tin + Limestone= Crafting Seal

Copper + Slate=Stonemasonry

Copper + Granite= Mining Seal

Copper + Travertine = Leatherworking Seal.
Copper + Marble= Crafting Seal

Copper + Limestone= Crafting Seal


3) How to use the Specialty Seals. This might be obvious to some but i didn't realize before that only The Pure combinations would change. I'll use Mining seals on Metal Bars as an example

Gold + Gold+ Gold = Critical Harvest Amount

Silver + Silver + Silver= Beneficial Harvest Chance
Iron + Iron + Iron= Plethora of dust

Tin + Tin + Tin =Beneficial harvest Power
Copper + Copper + Copper= Critical harvest chance

4) I also found out a bunch of Metal Bar combinations. I believe i found all combinations, but feel free to inform me if i missed any.


Gold + Gold+ Gold = Support Power

Silver + Silver + Silver= Resource
Iron + Iron + Iron= Attack Power

Tin + Tin + Tin =Max Stamina
Copper + Copper + Copper=

Gold + Gold + Silver = Combat Resource Regen.
Gold + Gold + Iron= Damage Bonus Fire
Gold + Gold + Tin = Stamina Regen out of combat
Gold + Gold + Copper= Critical Damage

Silver + Silver + Gold = Plain Ingot
Silver + Silver + Iron = Damage Bonus Ice
Silver + Silver + Tin =Disease Damage
Silver + Silver + Copper= Resource Regen

Iron + Iron + Gold= Plain Ingot
Iron + Iron + Silver= Plain Ingot

Iron + Iron + Tin= Bleed Damage

Iron + Iron + Copper= Nature Damage

Tin + Tin + Gold= Poison Damage

Tin + Tin + Silver= Plain Ingot

Tin + Tin + Iron=Piercing Damage

Tin + Tin + Copper= Stamina Regen: In combat

Copper + Copper + Gold= Plain Ingot

Copper + Copper + Silver= Plain Ingot
Copper + Copper + Iron = Electricity Damage
Copper + Copper + Tin = Crushing damage

Gold + Silver + Iron=Plain Ingot
Gold + Silver + Tin= Plain Ingot

Gold + Silver + Copper= Stealth

Gold + Iron + Tin=Plain Ingot
Gold + Iron + Copper=Plain Ingot
Gold + Tin + Copper= Plain


Silver + Iron + Tin= Slashing Damage

Silver + Iron + Copper= Plain Ingot
Silver + Tin + Copper= Plain Ingot
Iron + Tin + Copper= Plain Ingot


Feel free to let me know if you have a different experience making anything.

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There's been a lot of Posts regarding this topic, and there's already a ton of sheets around.

I'd like to point you especially to this thread, and if you need an overview sheet, go ahead and use this, with good wishes from the CFC and all other groups and people who worked on this :)

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