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Who gets which remaining weapons?

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Just something I wondered when I remembered they mentioned adding dual tray functionality to the other classes.


Looking at the weapon style chart there are several unused things listed:


Two Handed frost Cleavers are clearly going to the Assassin (sarcasm there).


There are also short daggers, probably Assassin, Longbows, probably Stalker, as well as short bows and Crossbows, either could possibly be an alternate weapon for Rangers or Stalkers, and I remember rumors a long time back about one of the knight promotions granting bow use.


Interestingly despite the Forgemaster being labeled a specialist (Hammer) there aren't any hammers on the tree, unless it counts as a mace or two handed mace, which would make it the first class that could use the same thing as another class (A move I'd approve of).


That leaves... well nothing else, so I assume that either that tree is going to expand a bit or we'll be seeing Archetypes sharing if that tray comment leads to anything.



Any thoughts on which range weapon goes where? Or on weapon types in general? Personally I would like them to spread some more variety around even something as simple as it's giving the Duelist a cutlass that does slashing. Clearly that's a closer to launch goal if ever, but might as well get the speculation going.

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Yea, most of the stuff is subject to change,


Frost Cleavers are most likely the Frostweavers weapon whilst daggers will go to the Fae. 

Perhaps ACE are looking at possible weapons for the Forgemaster, or he could be wielding a mace, we won't know until he is released.

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Yeah not every weapon is probably in yet anyways. Plus a lot of archetypes will likely share weapons once we get promotion classes. For example the three Knight promotions are a ranged Knight (which could use a bow), a one handed sword knight (using the Templar's sword) and his normal shield/sword combo. Similarly we know the Templar's Fury promotion was planned to use a polearm similar to the centaur.

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