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[Sugoi] Jjohnsin Templar Highlight Reel - 4.3 Big World


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Couple of fight I had from Monday (client was bugged out the other days) that I thought were pretty fun and had some cool shots/Templar gameplay. Video includes: 1v1v3 w/ Facerip, Anthrage, Arkade, and Razeyfingers, 1v1v2 w/ Anthrage, Arkade, and Facerip, as well as a 2v2 with [Xeilias] Tigari against Athrage/Arkade.


Hope you all enjoy, it's the best editing that Movie Maker 2005 has to offer so...pretty top end quality.



Templar Video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NMxut3Gwgbs&feature=youtu.be






Have been having a blast since joining [sugoi]. High quality people and high quality players. Interested in joining Sugoi?! Come check out our recruitment page at: https://community.crowfall.com/index.php?/topic/989-sugoi-the-elite-academy-pvxna/







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I noticed in the first fight you got arkade down low but neglected to finish him off only to have him re-enter the fight a bit later and run you off.  Often times in MMOs when you have an additional target that is low it is better to finish it off instead of letting it stay up to bite you in the tushy later on. 

Skeggold, Skalmold, Skildir ro Klofnir

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Templar is a blast to play!

It is! I was actually pretty hesitant to play it cause it didn't seem that exciting to me, but after getting some time on it I actually really enjoy it and you can do some pretty epic things with the kit!

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gf's - I'm the worst melee player, I just smash LMB.

Was some good fights. Thought I had you in that second fight.

Yah really enjoyed running into you and Anthrage with facerip crashing the party, made for a good end to the weekend! Good fights to you guys too.


I actually only survived in that 2v2 because I stepped back into your DL to parry --> knockdown you for the heal :D was super close tho. And I think the slow-mo of us jumping at eachother is my favorite shot to date. I took a screen mid-way thru and it's really cool.

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