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Anybody From Infinity Here?


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Hey guys,


more then a decade later, still thinking of the times we played SWG together nearly every weekend. Every game must step into comparison to SWG, and every game failed so far :(


Anyway, we played on Infinity as it opened up a little later then the other servers. Our town on rebel side was called Altera, located on Naboo.


Maybe someone coming along this article over the next months might remember Fumanchu und Fumantau (both 20/22 Holocron oldskewl Jedis) - i do remember that night i unlocked my Jedi, made it to the room of my brother who was sleeping next to his girlfriend and just said: UNLOCKED! - he was awake in 2 seconds and we did some party on the bed, his girlfriend was not amused and thought we are freaks. Anyway she is gone, that moment live forever!


C U near squillcave in some days!



Ved Grakosh aka Fumanchu aka Cappo Altera (at least a minimum of 2 accounts was necessary at that times ^^)



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when Infinity opened it became my main server. I was Eero there a Rodian shipwright/hobbiist CH. We had an All-Rodian city called Kavila and a lot of fun flying together for the empire.


I hear you about comparing every game to SWG. Still missing it.

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