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@Dont go AFK!


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I rarely post videos and I doubt what I do post, has much interest to anyone else other than hardcore Ranger fans..


I wanted to offer my praise to the streaming community. "You" make being part of an upcomming game a lot of fun and part of why I personally keep returning.


With that said I wanted to hand out my respect to Shadiz for his attitude and manner of dealing with things. Your comments and snappy come-backs are spot on. Keep up the good work. I hope that your path to full time streaming is fruitful.


The following Clip is one of the most comical situations I have part taken in, the randomness of it all is just spetacular.


So from Caldera :

(Please excuse the 20 sec pause from 0:10 to 0:30) - Keep up the good work! Edited by Soulreaver

Huginn ok Muninn, fljúga hverjan dag, Jörmungrund yfir; óumk ek of Hugin,, at hann aftr né komi-t, þó sjámk meir of Munin

Gathering of Ranger videos

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For clarity:


No stream sniping. (A few caldera members hang out in shadiz's twitch/discord to be social and have good relations both playing with and against)


For context:


Pro tip if you just ambushed a caldera harvester, stole their harvest potions stacks and other goodies <CLIP> and did not leave the area 10 minutes before this video killl = not a good time to go afk... nor to have resources in your inventory! I assumed they were just frantically banking while hitting them.... =)

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Hahaha ! Amazing xD . Karma got me good guys :D

Loved every second of it tho! Soulreaver thanks for the very kind words but honestly... I wouldn't be streaming if not for having a great community like you guys to do it with !


So keep up the chillz guys! Very happy and proud on how well the stream has evolved since I started in october! 

Crowfall has definetely been and still is the highpoint of the stream! I hope we can build something nice here and be able to take it along for many years to come!


Y'all have a good one and see you in the next test ! (saturday evening)





Edited by Shadiz


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