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Crafting Lives Matter!


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Gathering skills matter!


I was hating on the game due to the potions use, but the potions are a hack the devs put in since noone had any gathering skills.  Of course what does that tell you when they make them last 10 minutes. That they want tedium I guess. 


This game is going to be all about guilds and friends. Hell the ore nodes and stone nodes have larger nodes that you need at least 2-3 people to mine effectively. They are surrounded by 4-6 smaller single player nodes though so people leave the motherlodes up.


One very odd/infuriating/kinda uncool thing is when you mine the ore pops out in a chunk that you have to walk over to pick up. (no key required) So other people can grief you on your own faction and stand around and ninja the ore you just popped. Thankfully people are not doing it much, but damn that is a griefers wet dream.


The combat is getting better with practice, it is still a little floating but it is also growing on me. 


The crafting is custard insane. You have to drink potions at the moment due to their stupid custard skills system to get the skills to craft effectivly and you still sometimes fail after trying to make something with a 97% skill success rate. Of course the reason it is insane is the research ability. After selecting something you want to make like say a staff for your druid. You need to collect a few things. 


Planks - Easy enough right. Check out the woodworking tab hmm I need 3 wood to make. Of course it must be the same wood type and grade, but no problem those variants stack in the bags. So lets use oak for example. Oak advances Crit chance in a weapon crafting situation. So I  make my potion to help me make things. 74% chance to make it, only costs 2 ore of any grade/quality so use the cheap stuff.  But that boosts my create chance to 95% and it is a 20 minute potion.  Fail at making it 3 times. but make it the 4th time so that cost me 8 cheap ore.  Then I make the 2 other hack potions that make crafting possible, also on 20 minute timers and cost any type of ore.  But I now have a choice, use up some more valuable copper or iron, or go get some more slag. Grrrr I don't have the gathering pots running because they are on a stupid frustrating 10 minute timer, so I just bite the bullet and choke down my copper/iron expensive hack potion. Of course it fails. So I waste more time and resources testing a game that I already paid for months ago like a gormless buffoon. And make the two potions I need to try and possibly test out something. Remember I wanted to make a plank for a staff for my druid that is better than crap starter gear.


Anywho, I now have the pots and I am going to make the plank for the staff body. I need three planks to make up the body. No problem I use oak because that is what I have, along with some yew. Hmm oak makes crit chance like I noted before but Yew makes increased life leech. hmm... well I have enough to do 3 of each, maybe I'll mix and match.  I end up not failing any of the plank combines outright  but the crafting is complex remember. After you put in that first roll for abject failure you get a window for "experiments" The pot gives me the ability to do this and gives me 75 skill and 10 "pips" to burn on an experiment. The oak is a single stat combine of crit chance but there is also durability to consider so I can put 3 pips into each for a nice random roll of how good this plank is going to be.  the reason I can put 3 pips in is the oak is white quality, they have the same rankings as most mmos, but everything including most sub combines have vastly different stats depending on grade and quality. the higher the color grade the more pips you can experiment with, but that also makes it require more skill in crafting. 


Now remember I have glorious potions ticking away that give me the skill to do this wonderful testing, so I rush through this and since I have 10 pips of experiment skills or whatever I mash the go button after picking all the pips.  and you get a reaction as it go through the randomiser.  there is crit failure, failure,success, moderate success, good success, great success, and amazing success, hell there might be  stuff past amazing like a BJ from a porn star success... who knows. 


Anyways, I get my plank of godly white gear critical chance oaken goodness. Except it failed the experiment stage and came back as failure, so I don't get any bonus stats other than base.  But I have two more combines to go! Now to be honest this only takes a few  seconds overall but each one of those sweet darling chunks of wood was gotten on a pvp server filled with people who want to kill you and take your poorly made socks. Each one of those planks of wood was prefaced by at least 10 ore to get the potions and that is not counting the mats that went into the rune based pick I had to make to get the ore in the first place. 


Those planks I lovingly handcrafted are like my children, of course the first one failed it's experimental stage so it is the wonderful child, but still, Children damnit! So I make the staff head with my amazing child, my basic success child and my wonderful child er oak wood.  


Thankfully this really did not take all that long to combine in game time so my potions are going strong. Ticking away like grains of sand in an 20 minute glass of basic skill. (god damned 20 and 10 minute potions.)


So I get a good success on my Staff head! Yay go me.  Sure it is only one piece of three  but I am closer to mediocrity every day!

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