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A special day - Official discussion thread


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It is nice that you recognize you needed us, but we needed you too. No-one else was going to do what you are doing, and some of us have been waiting a long long time for someone like you to do it - so thank-you.


If you really want to thank us though, you could always remove failures from crafting for the rest of Pre-Alpha. I'm sure you've got enough data by now from the many hundreds if not thousands of crafting failures. I assure you we would appreciate this gesture of thanks from you on this special day. :)

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"We’ve invited over 13,000 people into our testing, and we are right on the cusp of bringing our first Eternal Kingdoms online – with our first real Campaign World soon to follow."


Campaigns soonish!!



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I love the idea of this game. 

That being said, right now it is in very rough shape. I know it is a work in progress, and there has been tons of work and tons of progress, but the state of the game this evening is quite frankly horrendous. 

Not the lag, that is expected. Not the slightly floaty feeling of the combat, also expected and can be tightened down I am sure. No what is quite frankly ripping out my hope is the state of 2/3rd of the ways to play the game. 

I am speaking of the crafting/gathering. Yes I understand it is supposed to be hard, but it is also supposed to be fulfilling. The potions from alchemy is an obvious bandaid, but it is a very very poor choice. It adds tedium and  grind to an already rather grindy idea. We gatherers are supposed to go out in packs and get the materials needed to survive. Yet we have to use a cheap fix to do so. Chug a pot. Wow great idea! get what we need and go on.

Then reality sets in. I started again last week after taking a break from everything. (Legion came out you know)  I logged in and was completely clueless of 99.9% of the changes. Now I am a fairly hardcore player, I play a lot, and my major fun is figuring out these types of games. I like crafting in the other mmos I have played and I have played most of them in the last 20+ years.

This is my honest opinion, while the idea behind 2/3rds of this game are great, the implementation of them flat out sucks. The bandaid is covering a non fun gushing wound. You have to have skills to craft. I get that. You want it to be challenging and fill a bleak post death of the world setting, i really get that. You want risk vrs reward. Yep got it. You have a grand long term idea that I am afraid to say right now in the starting breaths is flipping dying.

Yeah yeah sky is falling, what do you know, blah blah blah. I am a backer. i spent my money on the hope, you could not have more goodwill from me if you danced nekkid on top of my table. (God please no Blair no no noooooooo)


This bandaid potion idea is killing every ounce of goodwill I have. You have to fix this poorly made socks. I propose a simple solution. Basic crafting armor and basic harvesting armor. Have it do the same thing as the potions overall. Same cost as the other armor. Same look.  With potions and not noticing the timers I am having fun. Stuff works, the responses to the drops are fine and fair. I can have some chance at the higher nodes. But the extra time and bag space an the sheer annoyance factor of the 10 minute timer buff and even 20 minute buff for the crafting part is soul crushing. My picks break faster, my bags are clogged by poorly made socks I do not want, but I HAVE to have to get things done in a timely manner. 

Will the annoyance go away once I get trained? I am not sure I will make it that long. Making things should be rewarding, but doing an already risky task, for little overall reward behind a time gated series of choices that actively make me worse at fighting compared to my peers.

I just don't know. I don't know if the vision of what this game could be will survive the realities of the skill system and the bandaid fix that the potions became. I like pvp, I hate ganking for no purpose other than to be a jerk. right now the only people I know having fun testing are the gankers. And with server pops on a main night as low as they are I am scared and worried that a stillbirth is coming.

Fix the bandaid, take away the tedium, and for god sakes play the game without gm powers for a few hours. All of the game. Play it with the limitations we have. Go to a friends house and play it on a separate machine. Make sure you start with a new unskilled account. Walk a mile in our shoes, you know the ones who invested really do care, I care a great deal about this game. I just hope I can enjoy it again.


And congratulations on a year. Most never get this far with much more time and money.



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This is a test. It's not a game. It's not meant to be a game right now. It's a few features available for testing. It doesn't have to be fun (Todd has said many times that it's not going to be fun because it's a test, they know that).


Also, the potions are not going to be in the final game. They are only there for testing purposes so people can gather/craft to test at higher levels without skilling up. It's the same as how we have access to craft anywhere right now, and how we can just pop open the spirit bank and put stuff in/take stuff out any time. It's all there so people can test out various systems easier. This is very common for games in alpha/pre-alpha.


As for the low numbers... that's because it's a test. I'm super excited for this game but I am not that interested in testing. Most of my friends are going to be joining me in Crowfall as well, but none of them are interested in the test phases. We're waiting for the soft launch. People don't enjoy having their stuff wiped repeatedly, or playing on something where most of the features are missing so they don't play. I'm not sure what you expected.



You guys renewed my hope in MMOs. So many of the things I wanted were just missing from every new game being made. You guys came along just when I was about to give up on MMOs and gave me something to look forward to. So, thank you!

Guild Leader of Seeds of War

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Seriously folks, if the testing gets you torqued up, take a break!  We love hearing the feedback and suggestions, but if you find yourself getting burnt out or frustrated, please step away for a bit.  You can make suggestions about a 1,000x faster than we can absorb your feedback and implement any changes.


We've got a very full plate of things to develop yet, but you've seen more than once that we will slow down our progress to address serious issues that affect everyone.  That said, we aren't focused on making everything in the game perfectly polished and fun right this moment.  We're working to get enough of the game systems in place so that what Crowfall will become is more apparent to you and everyone else! 


Up until we get the full game loop of Crowfall in place, in most cases we're only iterating enough to get the systems to be representative.  After then, and through launch and beyond we'll be iterating on most of the systems and content to make them more fun and engaging to play.  We are only testing pieces of Crowfall in pre-alpha, and alpha will come when we have the majority of systems in place so that you are testing something that truly represents Crowfall!


Thanks for bearing with the process of exposing our early development (this process is not for everyone!)!  We think it's helping us make a better game though it is high friction on you and on us.  We're constantly frustrated that we can't give you more and better Crowfall stuff soonest!  But we love hearing what you think, particularly constructive criticism focused on making the experience better for current testers and future players.

Gordon Walton, ArtCraft Entertainment, Inc.  [Rules of Conduct]

Follow us on Twitter @CrowfallGame | Like us on Facebook


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I'm glad there's an MMO that isn't a Theme Park.  I never got the chance to play a game with an actual economy.  Closest I've ever been was printing coins in Wakfu and bombing all the mines open in my server, but that didn't last long (They quickly converted into a theme park economy).


Thank you.

How Can Mounts Add to the Crowfall Experience?  Caravans, Hunting Boars, and more.


How Complex can Mining be in Crowfall?  Mining difficulty, fatigue, infrastructure.

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It continuously trips me out that some of the testers seem to think they're more invested in this thing somehow than the people making it. Crazy.


Anyway, thanks to those responsible for this project taking off. I wish y'all (and this community) even more success in future.

Hi, I'm moneda.


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As soon as our guild (we are old school gamers who were in beta EQ and SB) saw that it was Gordon and Todd helming this thing, it was a no brainer for us to buy in. You guys are keeping your promises and delivering. We are glad to be on this journey and can't wait to see what is next. 


No blowing smoke here...

Edited by Ebonith


 A Crowfall Guild Allied with Corvus Citadel

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Believe I joined a lot later (little after release of big world) than a lot of other people on here who have been around since the beginning, but I second their thoughts. The game as is, is surprisingly fun for myself and I'm really stoked to see more of the big pieces of the puzzle come together.


Here's to looking forward to the first CW! Keep doing your thing ACE, been awesome so far and I love being around to help and test.

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Now, that was touching. Very well spoken words.


And, i have to admit that i feel ashamed. Ashamed that, though i followed the kickstarter project from the beginning, I didn't pledge until some days before the end; ashamed that i didn't pledge more. I should have trusted you more.


But, you know, i didn't know any of you. But i knew a little bit about humans. I didn't trust you. But i did trust my horse sense. Trusted my feeling that what you showed from yourselves during the kickstarter period was something extraordinary, shown by extraordinary people. And this feeling never ceased. Instead it grew with every (ok, with nearly every xD ) decision you met and action you took.


The dedication for the game and also (or especially) the way you treat your playerbase is - in my eyes - absolutely outstanding.


Which also funds my biggest fear. For how should it be possible to maintain something likewise, once the game grows -- or regarding different publishers? I guess we'll have to see.


However, i wish you (and so us) all the best. Thank you for doing what you did, ACE. And thanks to the many people who did help to support Crowfall in the one or the other way. All of your efforts can not be prized enough.

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