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Leaked Fae Assassin Art? Assassin Confirmed Next Archetype?

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3 months old


Dave Greco
Lead Artist at ArtCraft Entertainment


From the Heavens

Off hour fan art of our own assassin. I just felt like rendering hair for some reason... and an urge to give her plugs. Really trying to work on more stylized female faces also, along with mousy teeth. This was more of a study than anything. Nothing here is reflective of what will be in Crowfall. Just some fun work!

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Ah darn! Figured there could be more to it since I hadn't seen this artwork anywhere else before and it looks official (considering it's made by Greco that makes sense). 


I figured they'd be pimping out that artwork a bit more if it's that old. I've been stalking the game pretty hard and I had never seen it before. 

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On 2/25/2017 at 11:51 AM, zinnie said:

Could potentially also be a very nicely made fan-art piece, as I dont see the Fae Wings that is present in all other official artwork of that Archetype.

How could you miss the big black shadow coming from her back that arches around into very visible and present white feathers?

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