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02/02/15 - Hunger Week... It's About Time.

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02/02/15 - Hunger Week... It's About Time.   OK, folks.    Welcome to Hunger Week!   Until now, we’ve been describing the game in general terms.  The real differences between Crowfall and other

Hopefully this makes the background painting of the forums make a bit more sense now

I'm so turned on right now...  

"What if characters are persistent/permanent – but the Worlds are not?"


Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant. 



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This is the sort of thing, these design visions, these ideas built over decades of experience that give me the confidence on crowfall that I have never had before for an MMO.


Each world is a tournament, There can be only one winner, Highlander style.


Thank you for restoring a semblence of hope and innovation to the MMO genre.

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I must admit, it's an interesting concept. I'll have to think this over. Lots of new info here with lots of consequences and possibilities. I like the normal 'permanent world' though and while this still exists somewhat in the form of the Eternal Worlds I hope this experience is still fun when you choose to skip a campaign.

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Wow, great concept here. I usually love the exploration phase when I start a new MMO, but generally after 6 months find that I am bored, and move on to another MMO for another 6 months, rinse repeat. I don't get bored with my characters, but I get bored with the same old world, and same old grind.


Really interested in seeing this whole system fleshed out.

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