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Fight Night Times and Date  

56 members have voted

  1. 1. Which time(s) can you make?

    • Friday 7pm CST
    • Friday 9pm CST
    • Saturday 1pm CST
    • Saturday 7pm CSt
  2. 2. How long should the event run?

    • 1 Hour
    • 2 Hours
    • 3+ Hours

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Hello Crows!


Would you like to have larger fights?

Do you want some action to spice up testing?

Are you thirsting to drink the tears of your enemies?


Well we're looking to make March Fight Month! Starting March 3rd or 4th each week we will hold an event called Fight Night! During this event we'll host a scenario. Perhaps running a siege where one side defends the Lord Commander while hostile forces assault the keep and try killing him in the Keep Stronghold. Or maybe running a 3-way swamp battle with each faction having a Captain that must be protected...last Captain standing wins!


You may be asking “so when does this all happen, how to I become part of it and why does Keaggan's hair smell so good?” I can help you with the last one...My wife pick out my shampoo. But enough about the important issues let's get back to talking about fighting!


To make sure we have as many people as possible we need to lock down two big thing. Time & Date.


  1. Starting time? Take the poll above for which time(s) can you make.
  2. How long should Fight Night Last? 1 hour? 2 hours? More? Take the poll above to let us know!


Depending on which day it runs we may need more scenarios. If there is something you think would be interesting to try please suggest it. It just needs to be feasible with what we can do in the tests currently.


We'll be using Crowfall Discord voice channels to coordinate the event. However, we will need some leaders to communicate within each group which means there's openings for people step up and help.


Lastly, event sponsorship. This being a game we should have some fun! I think it would be cool to have a vote for MVP each week. The winner would get a prize. While Crowfall Discord can provide some prizes we'd love to open this up so others to have a chance to sponsor a prize for the MVP. Maybe your guild would like to sponsor a week or perhaps your website would like to be involved. Do you run a Twitch stream, YouTube channel or host a Podcast and would like to show your support for the community. If you are interested in helping out please PM here or on Crowfall Discord do go over the details. Your sponsorship doesn't need to be spectacular like a Castle or Ruby account. Just a little something from the heart.


There may be more topics I missed or you may have additional questions. Please feel free to discuss them here. Our first Fight Night will be at the end of this week so spread the word and join in on some killing, mayhem and good old community fun!



Thanks for your time,





Crowfall Discord Link: https://discord.me/crowfall

Edited by Keaggan
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My advice would be to start with the traditional fight night tournament format followed by a FFA.  You need guilds of significant size to buy in or it won't work. Good luck, these are often amazing.

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Saturday 1pm CST would be the only time that suites Europe.


What will be the location (aka campaign) of the event?

The servers will be based on what scenario we will run and which can bring in the most players. I think having one week staged on the EU server would be great. With the help from EU guilds we can make is succeed.

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The drums of war are sounding. A horde of invaders approaches. Who will stand by their Lord Commander and be the shield deflects this onslaught? It's time for to unsheathe your sword, sharpen your axes, ready your magic and dawn your armor. IT IS TIME FOR A SIEGE!!



Thank you everyone for taking the time to vote, re-tweet and support this!

After looking over the vote the first Fight Night will happened March 4th @ 1pm CST. The event the Siege Battle. This will pit two sides in an epic struggle with attack/defend style combat. One of the factions will stage a defense and hold their keep. Deep inside under heavy guard the Lord Commander will wait. If he is killed, the battle is over and the attackers win! But if he can outlast the assault the defender shall be victorious!

  • Attackers - Order and Balance will placed as attackers
  • Defenders -  Chaos will defend the Lord Commander
  • Lord Commander - To ensure fairness and keep track of the battle a special guest will be playing the victim...err...the Lord Commander of Chaos, Keaggan!
  • Voice Chat - All of the voice chat will be on the Crowfall Discord. Two rooms have been specifically created for this event. One for Defenders and the other for the Attackers.
  • MVP - As mentioned in the original posting we want to have some extra fun with these special events. After the event stay on Discord to nominate then vote for the MVP. This could be the most dominate killer, the best support or someone that kept the team fighting through a crucial moment. The MVP will be given a choice of Crowfall themed prizes.
  • Raffle - We will also do some smaller raffles through the event. YOU MUST BE ON DISCORD TO BE ELIGIBLE.

Like always if you have any questions please feel free to post them here for on Crowfall Discord.


Thank you for time and see you on the battle field,



**The exact server will be announced Friday**

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1 hour ago, Fallen_BDPS said:

@Keaggan Any chance of mixing up times in the future so some of us who can't be there during the day can attend?

The times we are shooting for are the ones that the most people can show up to. If we can get a substantial amount of people for a future Fight Night then sure. Maybe we can put up another poll later this month.

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1 hour ago, Pann said:

Who is going to be livestreaming this? 

To help out we are giving each streamer their own private room. Each room will have limited space inside for you and your party. You will also have the ability to mute/kick people in your voice chat so your stream can be free of disruption. Please PM me ASAP with a link to your twitch channel so I can get it set up on Crowfall Discord!

UPDATE: Server - Scorn West Coast Faction Server

Edited by Keaggan
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It's unfortunate the siege battle didn't go as planned, given the lack of attackers to fight.  Does it still count as a successful defense if no one storms the gates?  ;)

Thanks to @Keaggan for setting it up, and to our Winterblades friends for helping to organize some free-for-all action on East, instead. We had some fun fights, even though the setting was different.  Hopefully, we'll get to see some of those larger fights in the next one.

Also, grats to @angelmar for being the first bounty hunter target in Crowfall? lol

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