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A Concept of The Frostweaver

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Hello, I go by the name of Joebear. Im just an average mmo player like all else, but i like to stride my time into control mages, which the frostweaver seems to have a feel for...

So just a little info, im not currently a backer due to uh cost issues since like 100aud isnt really cheap for a student but hopefully i can fix that soon, i would like to be able to test this game. Anyway in the future i would like to design and code my own pvp mmo so i have a book of concepts i continuously expand and something i always wanted to include was a melee distance control mage, so this my personal concept of a "Frostweaver"

- A PBAOE control mage -

- Medium armour for close range combat (5m) with medium damage and no "burst" damage

- Playstyle based on CC, DOT, and an Execute

    - Actives are almost all cleave damage with things like shouts, swipes and stomps

         - CC is mainly soft cc with 1-2 hard CC making it not "overpowered" but still having that control feel to it
         - DOT damage is your main damage meaning it can be countered with purges, the damage for these dots is only a low-medium damage rate
         - Execute is just the icing on the cake, DOT damage shouldnt be enough to kill alone so execute gives it that last KO

- Abilities - 


Catching a cold - Being hit 3 times in a row causes the attackers move speed to be reduced by 10%, can stack up to 3 times, cancelled when CC'ed.

Just cold hearted - Whenever you interrupt a cast time restore 10% mana.

Ooo i can see my reflection! - Return 3% of all damage back to the attacker.

Icy hard! - While you have a target CC'ed gain +5% armour, stacks up to 3times.

Mhmm never ending DOT - Hitting a target with Frost Whip extends all DOTs on them by +2ticks, 4s cooldown

Cold always leaves its mark - Whenever target is CC'ed (slowed, rooted, pushed back, blinded) add 1 stack of Frosted.



Frost Stomp - Hard CC Root all targets 5m infront of you for 5s. (your typicaly "frost nova" style spell)

Icy Echo - Shout a cone of cold air slowing anyone in it by 30% for 7s and dealing low damage.

Sap Cold - Channel a 5m cone to sap the cold out of your targets and restore health. (can move while channel but easily interrupted)

Frost Whip - Whip your target with a icey cold whip. (basic filler attack, very low damage)

Frost wave - Push your target away with a wave of cold and deal low damage.

Throw Snow - Throw snow at your target dealing low damage and blinding them for 2s.

Frostport - Teleport 10m forwards and leave a icy trail behind you slowing any targets that walk into it. (only grants 1 stack of Frosted if walked on)

Is It Getting Colder? - Apply a medium dot to your target for 7ticks and slows +2% per tick (only grants 1 stack of Frosted on 4th tick)

The Cold Will Get You - Apply a medium-high damage dot to your target for 4ticks

A Cold Grip - Throw you whip out 10m to pull an target into you and slow them by 50% for 2s.

A Cold Ending - At 5 stacks of Frosted freeze the target and deal damage based on missing health.

- Playstyle Combos -

Solo/small groups -

So ideally an aggressive combo would go something like this:

Pull a target in with A Cold Grip giving you a 50% slow and a frosted stack >  Icy Echo to reset the slow and grant a stack of frosted > Apply  The Cold Will Get You for damage > Apply Is It Getting Colder? for damage and frosted stack > Frost whip a few times to increase tick duration on dots > Throw Snow for blind to prevent damage and grant a stack of frosted >Frost Stomp to lock them in place and get your final stack of frosted > A Cold Ending to finish them off hopefully > If not dead Frostport on them and Frost wave while they are frozen for easy 2 stacks of frosted and repeat.

Ideally an defensive Combo would go somewhat the same but open like this:

When opened on instantly drop a Frost wave to knock them back for distance and a frosted stack > Frostport through them for a frosted stack > Icy Echo for slow > apply DOTs for damage and a frosted stack > Throw Snow for blind and frosted stack > kite with dots, blind and slow up > A Cold Ending for a hard cc to reset the fight > then continue with a aggressive combo


Basically the main counterplay to this class is purging dots/cc or just bursting them to off put there tempo, delaying there frosted stacks.

Bigger groups - 

Pretty self explanatory, your in medium armour so u can take somewhat of a beating and you have a tonne of cc and aoes so just dive into the middle of them after your tanks have a solid initiation. Your groups choice of terrain for a fight will largely impact your effectiveness, like most aoe classes.


Despite being in medium armour, being focused still doesnt work out well. fighting spread out will also help alot, making sure the aoes dont hit many people


- In Conclusion -

this is probably a long ass post i didnt notice how long it was untill now, again this is just MY concept on a "Frostweaver", please leave any feedback positive or negative both is encouraged. Im not really one for writing these types of things but i felt like this was just perfect for the situation, so sorry for any mistakes or anything missing i will try to keep it up to date with feedback

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2 hours ago, 2d17ec10-14fe-11e6-975f-db8afb38a3cd said:

Also ive no idea what is up with my username so uh yh lol sorry for spam name i guess

Stealing your identity.


RIP you.


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