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Article on Necromancy


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As all you damn killers keep practicing at being better killers (you know who you are) I've been fumbling around some of the Professions that are in game to see just how much of them are implemented. Here is my walk through on Necromancy, which bumps into Alchemy as well





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Don't forget, the one EK that no one will judge you for looting your guilds treasury is Anhrez's Doober Shack. Where you can take those long con gains and 'simplify' them to more easily fit in your inventory. While you are unloading your hard earned winnings, swing by the Bazaar and pick up something to celebrate your genius.


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Solid article on the process.


I have not yet experimented much with the alchemy side of the crafting system yet, but the statement that "[t]hese Philosopher Solutions are a crazy amount of effort, and the amount of trial and error I spent to determine them all was staggering" makes me want to dig into it next time I get the chance.

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Great article, keep up the good work !

In regards to something you said in the video
the 4,882 Crafting basic experimentation points  will result in you having +4 passive points to spend when in this vessel, when crafting BASIC crafting items
Do note that since BASIC crafting are the generic starter items, that bonus isnt as amazing as it sounds

However, as explained by the devs, boosting BASIC crafting will improve all higher tiers of crafting to, at a partial bonus

What that partial gain would be, you'd be able to tell if you were to see your amount of Experimentation points on a  common metal bar when not in the vessel VS when you are in the vessel

Im guessing your probably getting

100% Basic = 4points more to experiment

50% at the recepies you first need to unlock through that profession = 2points more to experiment  (like Two handed Axe)

25% at advanced recepies that require you to master that profession = 1point more to experiment (these will be the advanced weapons that will eventually be unlockable and craftable)

This does show how amazing vessel will be, and im really happy you took time to show it

Personaly, i hope they make gaining the materials alittlebit more accessible....

That way most players can have an OK-ish vessel and have acces to this level of player customization, while getting the powerfull vessels will remain to be hard to get and worth the effort.

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