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Game of Crows: The Crowfall Political Podcast


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Hello All!

We are proud to announce (late here, but was watching server load) the launch of our Crowfall podcasting efforts (an offshoot of the Stealthed mag effort). This podcast is going to be broken up into at least two seasons;

Season One: 

Up until the soft launch, we'll be bringing on guests to discuss all manner of Crowfall related topics. The primary goal is to be informative to a non-backer prospective-Crowfall player and help educate them on what makes Crowfall awesome ... and more importantly... why they should buy it! We are going to tie it to all manner of games that are popular out there, reaching out to everyone who loves this game and is passionate about it to be on the show. 

You'll find this season more like a family friendly PBS marathon of all things Crowfall.

Season Two:

This is going to be wildly different in tone and scope. Season Two will be the resumption of what this podcast was originally intended for; politics. We know the Crowfall universe is going to be highly contentious and we plan on bringing on guild leaders or diplomats and talking about what is going on inside YOUR campaign. Who are the players, the guilds, the power brokers and the trolls. We want to know it all, and we want others to know all about it. History can be made and winners crowned in Crowfall and we aim to be a historical snapshot of those events and moments in time.

I've likened this second season to the Sunday political talk shows like Face the Nation. Should be _very_ entertaining.

In the efforts of not spamming the forums, just like Stealthed, we'll be posting episode announcements to this thread so you can subscribe to it and get updates when we post new ones ;)



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This sounds awesome. Browsing years old history could be great. I just wonder how to interview thousands of guilds if not more (I expect average guild size to be 40 or lower, there are over 100 000 Crows).

Mercenary guild is recruiting. Send me a message if you are interested.

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I'd stick to the more recognizable guilds at first, people I have relationships with. Players and guilds are welcome to solicit me for interviews, however, if they feel they have something to say that meshes with our show's goals.

I _really_ like the idea of capturing the stories of Campaigns as they unfold. I think it could be pretty cool to look back and say "hey I was a part of that!" or "hey I remember when they happened!", but back it up with voice and graphic snapshots in time.

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