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Crafting Differences this test.

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Anyone figure out all the differences yet? Is it just the experiment point reduction in the pots and the risk % changing? I know there are new recipes we can't craft and that the grinding wheel has been fixed.

I'm still wondering how some people get 2 points from the potions versus the one my friend and i got. Has anyone else gotten more than one experiment from the potion?

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This may be trivial, but 2H Sword recipes have been added for Templar:

- Basic Two-Handed Sword = 6 wood + 6 stone

- Two-Handed Sword = Weapon Hilt: Great + Weapon Blade: Great + Sword Core: Great

- Weapon Blade: Great = 4 metal bars

- Sword Core: Great = 2 metal bars

No change to hilt component.

I also checked over metal ring combos tonight which were blank from Caldera's 3.11 Crafting Resource.  Here's what I found:

Resource    Resource    Resource      Ring Name                             Benefit

Copper          Copper      Copper        Copper Rings                         Max HP

Gold            Gold            Copper        Rose Gold Rings                   Health Regen: Out of Combat

Copper         Copper       Silver           Plain Metal Rings

Copper         Copper       Gold            Plain Metal Rings

Copper        Silver           Gold            Electrum Rings                     Health Regen: In Combat

Iron              Iron             Tin               Blue Steel Rings                   Attack Power

Iron              Iron             Copper        Earth Resistant Iron Rings   Earth Resistance

Tin               Tin               Copper        Bronze Rings                       Life Steal Bonus

Tin               Tin               Iron             Pierce Resistant Tin Rings   Piercing Resistance

Tin               Tin               Silver           Plain Metal Rings

Tin               Tin               Gold            Poison Resistant Tin Rings   Poison Resistance

Silver           Silver           Copper        Sterling Rings                       Resource Regen

Copper        Iron              Tin              Plain Metal Rings

Copper        Tin               Gold            Plain Metal Rings

Copper        Iron             Gold            Plain Metal Rings

Copper        Tin               Silver          Plain Metal Rings

Copper        Iron             Silver           Plain Metal Rings


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