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Rangers POV


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Greetings Crows…


After a very enjoyable Sunday evening, in the company with 19 others, in some large 10 v 10 fights (Yes I know hopefully with time we will laugh at this and remember 10 v 10 as large fights).  I decided to sit down and actually do something with the footage I collect, other than bug report.


All shot in 1080p quality.


Prelude :

Prefight we were trying to coordinate, which is always interesting when people that haven't played together meet up. 

In my group I offered to either play defensively.. Or offensively.  I was give free reigns - Thank you! 

TBH I don't think anyone had any expectations, after all - Rangers aren't exactly the meta.

First Fight :

  •  About 10 minutes long.
  • People didn't know each other, so you will see lots of friendly fire/backstabbing and all in all a lot of chaos.


Second Fight :

  • About 5 min long.
  • From the experience of the previous fight my screen was now filled with "Yellow Post Its" with the names of those in my ally group.
  • Things went a lot smoother, you can start to see what Ranger Gameplay is like.

Third Fight :

  • About 10 minutes long.
  • Best of the fights IMHO, everyone played really well.  It became a waiting game to either catch people out, or wait for the call on which target focus should be applied.


All in all we had a really fun time, so from me to everyone present : Thanks for an enjoyable evening in good company.


Teaser :

  • The day did though start a bit differently…  so -W- this one is for you.


Caveat :

All of the movies can be seen with this playlist.

Best regards :


Ps : No I didn't go into the editing and music choices.  Just thought it was about time someone showed the Ranger POV.

Huginn ok Muninn, fljúga hverjan dag, Jörmungrund yfir; óumk ek of Hugin,, at hann aftr né komi-t, þó sjámk meir of Munin

Gathering of Ranger videos

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Big thanks and respect for all you fine folks that joined those fights. Definitely had a blast and got to learn some new things as well as cement what I already suspected. I got to try a couple of things with regards to groups and strategy, some worked, others did not. We had 2-3 more fights after this as well, though numbers decreased to 7v7 by the last 2 fights.

For the teaser I was scouting away from the main group and happened to see you 3 earlier that day, then everyone showed up. What a chaotic mess of eagerness that was!

Thank you for the recordings as well as the write up, it is appreciated.

Suppression is still the most brutal form of CC in my opinion, the psychological effects as well as sheer inability to do anything about it make it terrifying (to me.) I know there was 1 fight where I got hit 2-3 times and every time it went off I felt even more helpless than normal, especially without a Centaur.

The difference between Net Pull and Chain Pull are...effectively Night and Day; Net Pull works and Chain Pull is a mess.

Ping does affect performance more than I suspected, in my month of testing I hadn't really experienced that till yesterday. In melee I was unable to shake identical ATs while being unable to land my own melee shots, somewhat frustrating but understandable with MMOs.

The weekend's test seems to have shifted some of the AT's in terms of usefulness, while keeping others in the same spots. I've listed some thoughts here in no particular order.

Centaur Healers are the most defining role for a group in my opinion. Not having one is brutal. Even with the removal of their run speed skill they remain somewhat able to run tank for extended periods of time. 

Confessors have a LOT going for them in regards to high damage, high mobility and high amounts of CC potential, they were also a high priority for targeting. Slippery little things though...

Myrmidons have a beautiful ability in their Net Root as well as having decent damage output...combined with 100% "Covered in Flies" skill and... even though their main mechanic may be broken they have high potential when wielded correctly.

Ranger is similar, with a player who understands the class with awareness of their abilities a Ranger can be a pretty high threat, I certainly see you SoulReaver as such. Well played. That Suppression shot is fight DEFINING, able to be used offensively or defensively.

Knight has seen an increase of use it seems as well as viability. In the second fight we tried an all Knight group and it didn't really work out, especially once their Horse was taken out of the fight. The third fight though I tried to roll with the Knight group and even when the Horse went down we were able to fight until near the bitter end, though that may be due to us not being worthy of killing off. Chain Pull is a broken ability with a long cool down and when compared to a Myrmidon's net is...not good.

Druids have their problems for sure but when played well are not a waste of a party slot. Their damage leaves much to be desired and their healing is weak when how much more difficult it is is taken into account.

Templar is not in a good spot. While I still really like the class, it is lacking now. It lacks mobility, it lacks damage output. It has 1 CC combo every 10-15 seconds or so... It has a Health Pool at least. I spent most of the fights just landing knockdowns, stuns and blinds, realizing that I had little in terms of kill potential to offer a group. When Execute came up I tried to use it, but it is pricey in terms of Righteousness and when it misses or does not proc, it is a waste. Divine Light tickles people now. 200-300 DPS is not exactly what makes people regret being in an AoE. Were it not for Intercession I would be dead 300% faster. Watching the fights and thinking back over them more only gives me more doubt about the Templar's Role. 

Champion was already suffering but could still be used; in it's current state it seems unplayable based on feedback from other players and my own experience in not seeing any.

Duelist? What is it good for? At? Guineceans need love too...

Both Intercession and Covered in Flies need tweaking but can be damaged through even at 100%
I plan to do a little video showcasing these skills and commenting on them in time.


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22 minutes ago, scornoflife said:

Templar iIt has 1 CC combo every 10-15 seconds or so...

Both Intercession and Covered in Flies need tweaking but can be damaged through even at 100%
I plan to do a little video showcasing these skills and commenting on them in time.

I agree with all save these two. The Templar disagreement is just technical. It has 2 solid CC that are highly available in the KD combo and the ranged stun.

My real disagreement is that these bugged healing nodes are even in the universe of reasonableness. They are not.

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3 hours ago, coolwaters said:

 Love those clutch suppresses.

Thanks mate, always aim to please :)

TBH having that skill/ability is kinda addictive!

Huginn ok Muninn, fljúga hverjan dag, Jörmungrund yfir; óumk ek of Hugin,, at hann aftr né komi-t, þó sjámk meir of Munin

Gathering of Ranger videos

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